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error code, error code 25, MiniPro Errors -

Error code 25 (machine beeps 2 times and then 5 times) is a hardware error in most cases.  It is caused by an engineering error on the way how control board is designed.  It happens due to resistors burning out. Unfortunately the solution is to replace a control board.

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Ninebot S, Segway miniPRO, swallowbot -

SwallowBot firmware maximum speed based on battery charge levels.

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Segway miniPRO, swallowbot -

Video how to replace control board with M4M Control board with SwallowBot firmware pre-installed.

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Amazon, Handlebar, MiniPro Errors, Ninebot S, Off road, Repairs, Segway miniPRO, Technical Support -

Increase speed to 25km/h for Segway miniPRO, miniPLUS, Ninebot S and ES Kickscooter.  Simple solution that keeps you going faster.

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Handlebar, Segway miniPRO -

If you use Segway miniPRO or Segway miniLITE with handlebar you are aware that so called "self-balancing" feature does not work when you install a handlebar. 

We have developed and made a simple and elegant solution to bring self-balancing back.

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