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Official repair guide for Ninebot Elite - PTR

Posted by Alexey Khripunov on

If you have problems with your Ninebot Elite (PTR) you can send us an email and we will send you an official repair guide for Ninebot PTR.  

Please contact us at

Thank you,

More4Mini team

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  • Guus Gijsbers on

    can you send me an official repair guide for my ninebot elite?

  • Julio Mayer on

    tengo 3 Ninebot Elite que no arrancan, prenden las luces, dan alarma varias veces y se apagan, por favor ayudenme con este problema

  • Alexandra on

    Je cherche un atelier de réparation de gyropod Élite sur Lyon

  • CBoyer on

    I have a “balance sensor fault” error on my Ninebot Elite.

  • Lazer Milstein on

    Please send an official repair guide for Ninebot PTR.
    Is it available in PDF format?

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