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More4Mini Height Adjustable Handlebar for Segway miniPRO

€120.00 €99.00

Engineered by More4Mini, this height-adjustable handlebar for the Segway miniPRO is available on-line at and from More4Mini authorized dealers.  It’s the perfect addition to the Segway miniPRO for those who like stability, flexibility, and unmatched control. 

Based on extensive testing, we’ve engineered this model to be virtually unbreakable.
The More4Mini height-adjustable handlebar comes with a quick release lock pre-installed, making it effortless to switch between handlebar and knee control bar.   No need to purchase an additional quick-release lock! 

No need to worry about your cell phone either.  A high quality mobile holder is also included with the More4Mini height-adjustable handlebar.

Height: from 80cm (collapsed) to max 117cm (fully extended).

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